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Getting Around Minneapolis

Driving is by far the most preferred way of navigating the streets of Minneapolis. Minnesota's largest city is easily accessible by three major highways; Interstate 94,Interstate 35, and Interstate 90. I-94 is a major corridor for areas between Michigan and Montana while I-90 connects all areas between the Northern east coast and northern west coast. Anyone between northern Minnesota and southern Texas can drive on I-35 and end up in Minneapolis. I-494, I-694, and I-394 are short beltways that surround the city. Minneapolis is located only several miles away from the state capital of Saint Paul. The Twin Cities are therefore very well connected by local roads, highways, and public transportation options. I-35W and I-35E act as major beltway highways around both cities. When driving around the Twin Cities area, drivers should be prepared to cross the Mississippi river by using many of the small local bridges.

The Metro Transit provides public transportation throughout Minneapolis and Saint Paul. The Hiawatha Line, known as Route 55, is a Light Rail service that stops at 19 total stations in Minneapolis, including at major destinations such as Mall of America, Downtown, and the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport. The Northstar Line, known as Route 888, is a commuter rail service that connects Minneapolis with surrounding communities such as Big Lake, Elk River, Anoka, and Fridley. The commuter trains make their last stop at the Target Field Station in Minneapolis, where transfers to the Hiawatha Line can be made. The Metro Transit also runs more than 100 bus routes throughout Minneapolis, with available connections to many of the light rail and commuter line stations in the city. There are plenty of bus routes that connect Minneapolis with Saint Paul, such as lines 351, 353, 355, and more.

The Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) links the Twin Cities with the rest of the United States and the world by offering flights to more than 100 destinations. The airport is located only 6 miles south of Downtown Minneapolis, and there are plenty of ground transportation options. The airport's Ground Transport Center has seven car rental companies. The Hiawatha Line stops at the Terminal 1 Lindbergh Station and Terminal 2 Humphrey Station. Passengers can ride the Light Rail system for free between both of the airport terminals, and use the trains to get to major areas of Minneapolis. The Metro Transit buses, such as Route 54, stop only at Terminal 1. Hotel shuttles, taxis, and limousines will gladly provide additional ground transportation at the airport.