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Shopping in Minneapolis

Mall of America
See what all the fuss is about! The mother of all shopping malls is right in Minneapolis and she is quite a sight to see. To call the Mall of America a shopping mall is rather ridiculous. The Mall of America is so much more. Besides hundreds of retail shops that cater to every person's imaginable want and need, the Mall of America is an amusement park, an entertainment center, a museum and a true American icon.

Patina, in lovely uptown Minneapolis, is the place to head for all things needed to beautify the home or office. Although there are several locations all over the greater Minneapolis area, the uptown location offers the largest selection. Patina specializes in flowers, home décor, gifts, accessories and there's also a clothing section for the whole family. Patina is definitely a favorite one-stop shop among Minneapolitans.

50th and France Shopping District
This is one of the hottest places to dine, shop and relax in greater Minneapolis. The 50th and France Shopping District imitates a charming European village lined with shops, restaurants, boutiques, hotels and theaters. There are many different outdoor events held throughout the year in the village's streets. Many people even choose this picturesque setting to hold weddings and other celebrations.

Calhoun Square
Also in the trendy uptown district sits this convenient and popular indoor shopping mall. Calhoun Square has been serving uptown Minneapolis for decades. The yearly shopping expos and major annual indoor sidewalk sales have made this shopping mall stand out among the others. In addition, this mall is full of locally owned shops and local designers that make Calhoun Square a bit more special than other major shopping malls. There are also many dining and entertainment choices when a shopping break is needed.

St. Anthony
Cross the Mississippi River for a more historic and small-town sort of shopping excursion. In this northeast district of Minneapolis there is a small collection of independently owned boutiques, specialty shops, cafés and bakeries all huddled together. This historic neighborhood is also a very popular place to call home among local artists and musicians. The shops are housed in historic buildings that are marvel to behold and the shop owners always give shoppers a true Midwest welcome. The tree-lined streets of St. Anthony are particularly beautiful during the holiday months when locals come from all around to enjoy the decorated village.