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Attractions in Minneapolis

Guthrie Theater
The Guthrie Theater is hailed as one of the top theatrical venues in the United States and there's little wonder why. This award-winning theater has played host to top-selling Broadway touring musicals, world-class performance artists and a very long list of stars. Some people visit the theater just to see the phenomenal modern architecture that has placed this building in the pages of Architectural Digest and many other prestigious periodicals. The theater is just as breathtaking as the performances it features.

Mill City Museum
This museum is off the beaten path of museums with its location being smack-dab in the middle of the ruins of a once-famous Minneapolis mill. Even though a tour of a flour mill may sound boring, visitors cannot imagine how much fun is in store for them at the Mill City Museum. The museum uses hundreds of multi-sensory exhibits and displays to illustrate an important part of Minneapolis history. Kids and adults can spend hours just looking and experiencing the activities or playing countless games. The best part is that the entire family is learning while playing!

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden
Ever imagine you'd see a giant spoon cradling an enormous maraschino cherry in the middle of a green and grassy park? Well, in Minneapolis it is just an everyday experience. Walking through the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden reminds visitors and locals of the city's strong commitment to preserving and celebrating local artists. The park is full of massive sculptural undertakings that range from epic and grandiose to downright silly. This is one park that visitors won't soon forget.

Minnehaha Park
Explore one of the oldest parks in the country right here in Minneapolis. The park is so serene that it's easy to forget the city is so nearby. Take a picnic and settle in next to a secluded stream or play hide and seek with the kids in the thick and lush forest. Lovers stroll hand in hand over the picturesque bridges while ducks splash in the brook below. This park is truly one of America's finest.

The Depot Skating Rink
Get a little exercise and a whole lot of scenery in this grand building. This makes the perfect place to take a date or the kids for a fun-filled day. Housed in a massive building, the Depot Skating Rink is made almost entirely of windows to allow maximum daylight to shine in. This is the perfect way to spend a cold and snowy day.